Islam in usa | muslims in usa

Muslim in USA:

Islam is the third largest religion in the USA United State is country. And Christian is a second and first it is a Muslim of USA in 3.44 5 millions Muslims living in the United States the percentage of Muslims in United States is 1.1% population for USA in Muslim.

Muslim in USA 

In 2010 States which where mostly is the south and mind waste reported Islam it is a largest non Christian religion while and stomach 10 to 20% in this areas for colonial America from Africa arrived as Muslims.

Early record Muslim in USA: 

One of the earliest account says islam's possible it is not America dates in 1528 when is a Moro can slave called as a Mustafa Azemmouri.


According to the a 2014 religious survey 64% Muslims for blue religion is a very important compared to 58% of catholic soda it is a survey. And next one the receiving on savar prayer among Muslims was 31% at least one a week and 12% once to tweaks a month nearly quarter in Muslims convert of islams 23% mainly night you born of total is what convert 59% of American African American and 34% white previous religions convert was protest 10% 67% Roman catholic them 10% and 15% no religion it is the data for USA survey.

Education and income USA Muslims? 

The education and income is USA Muslims household income level of American Muslims and a general American populations when it comes to education the institutions of social policy understanding report in 20 17 across a boat American Muslims protest and catholic catholics have a smaller education levels it is a survey of America.

State and percentage of USA Muslims:

New jerseys is 2014 services 3% in Muslims population and New York is 2% and Massachusetts 1% Virginia 1%  Muslim population and taxes 1% to Muslim population it is a new year cities and largest number of Muslims in the US 75000 in 2011 state of new york.

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